Docker local setup documentation

Hi! i followed the Docs in the Getting started Docker and it points to a DEPRECATED repo, which points to a super old image so might not be a good thing.

git clone

I kept looking to see if there was a newer repo where we could have the conf and compose already setup for local and found this one GitHub - TykTechnologies/tyk-pro-docker-demo: Tyk Pro demo using docker and docker compose, supercedes tyk_quickstart
Looks more promising but it is for Pro and licensed but at least we can probabaly comment those services and look at the config env files and tune them.

Do you have an oficial repo where we can see the config files settings and docker-compose for latest release?
BTW, would be nice to fix the doc on the site.


Agreed, the docs are way out of date here.

I’ve used this tutorial as an example, found it quite useful:


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Welcome to the community @brahama_von and thanks for pointing this out. I have opened an internal ticket about the doc issue.

As you mentioned, you can use the pro-docker-demo and remove the uninterested bits.

As for the latest repo, tyk-demo and tyk-pro-docker-demo are periodically updated. So they would have the most recent config file and docker-compose settings required. The full gateway config files and env variables can be seen on our docs page.

If you have a specific scenario or setup, then please let us know.

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Nothing special. Thanks guys.

I’m Yaara, and working Tyk as head of DX and Helm SPM (Helm’s road map).
Thank you for raising it.
You are correct, our great tyk-gateway-docker repo that helps you to quickly spin up tyk oss gw, got archived due to miscommunication ( we used it also in our pipeline to build official gateway docker images but not anymore, hence the mistake).
So now it’s back and not deprecated :slight_smile: !!! and our README has been updated (just now!)


  1. We have two other repo for OSS users -
    1.1. Helm deployment - tyk-headless
    1.2. K8s deployment - tyk-oss-k8s-deployment
  2. We have an official vscode tyk extension, that is taking its first steps in the world. You can use it to write Tyk api definitions in vscode as if this was a language (i.e. please let us know if you are happy or more importantly if not and when would you want to see us doing more)
  3. The vscode extension is using tyk-schemas. More schemas are in our pipeline but if you think a certain schema is more important than others then please do let us know.

Awesome fellows! Thanks Yaara for the update :slight_smile:

Will give it a look and try it during the week.


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