Do I need a 2-node license active/passive failover?

Hello, I’m trying to figure out the license requirements related to Professional Edition. My application will have very low load, but I want to have high availability. If I want two nodes for active/passive failover - one of them on standby only - do I need to buy the 2-node license, same as if it was active/active?

For commercial use of the Tyk dashboard, you need a paid licence.

The single gateway licence covers you for a single gateway, controlled by a single dashboard, deployed commercially and includes helpdesk support.

If you want to control two gateways from the same dashboard, for HA or performance reasons, then you need a two gateway licence.

Based on what you described, I think you need a two gateway pro licence.

Hope that helps.

I also have a query on the topic, do we need 2 PRO licenses for an Active/Standby failover (disaster Recovery procedure). Each instance will have their own Dashboard and standby node will be activated only if the Active instance is down. So can we have 1 PRO license on both systems?