Differential between keys and apis

Hi all!
I’m setting up tyk.
I can create apis and different Client Ids (Oauth 2.0) for one api usage purpose.
But for key, I dont know when to use it. After create one key, what next?
(I havent touch anything relate to portal and users…)

Hi Andy

What is the use case for Tyk here? Let me know and we can make some suggestions for appropriate articles and tutorials.

If you have created an API and a key (you can follow these tutorials to ensure you have done it correctly: https://tyk.io/tyk-documentation/get-started/with-tyk-on-premise/tutorials/tyk-premise-pro/) then you can use that key to control access to the API - though in most instances you will want to use a policy to make administration easier. https://tyk.io/tyk-documentation/get-started/with-tyk-on-premise/tutorials/tyk-premise-pro/create-security-policy/

Hope that helps

Hi James, I almost forget this topic.
After a few try out (disable hash key, so that I can search by key).
I figured out its meaning.
The key created in oauth client of an api have the same function with the key we created in “key”
Thanks for your reply