Different API Catalogue for developers


I want to use Developer Portal for different 3rd parties but I want them to have access to different APIs and see different list of APIs in API catalogue.
Can any one help to tell me how to do that? And is there any way to see list of keys issued to a developer?



You can have developers be on different access level by attaching them to different policies. In these policies the access to different APIs and their versions can be defined.

When a developer is issued keys you can see representations of those keys when you view the developer in the portal management panel in the dashboard. This is illustrated in our docs here.

by default all the active policies will be listed for all users in API catalogue. And all users can request key for any policy listed in api catalogue. How can we restrict users from applying to particular policy?
Or the other way, how to list policies based on user criteria?


Currently there is no way to show a different list of APIs depending on user, or stopping particular users from being able to request access. This is something we know is a shortfall of the portal, and we have on our roadmap to roll out great improvements to the portal this year.

You can post feature requests here, which we will look at in feature planning.

Nick :tyk2:

Thanks for the quick response. I have added the feature request.Below is the link.

Any news about it? It would be interesting

Hi it’s in our backlog for release 2.7 which will be a few months down the line.