Deleting API Keys

I have setup API using JWT as authentication method. I have my own IDP that generates JWT bases on request values provided to it, Now when I request JWT from my own service and provide it to tyk, it applies policy provided in JWT, In policy I have set expiry of key to one hour. All the keys get expired after an hour. But I need to use the same request values to generate new JWT with new policy that has expiry time as 24 hours. My question is how can I delete existing Api Tokens from the tyk so that I could use same request values to generate new JWT that has applied with new policy ?


Have you tried just to change the content of the policy or change the policy? I believe it should just work without deleting the key from redis.

I have change the policy but other parameters of JWT are same so changing policy ID doesnt have any effect. Tyk takes policy ID from jwt token and apply that policy but other parameters are same so says that key is expired/

We will test it but just to confirm, the flow is:

  1. create api, WITHOUT EXPIRATION, policy, update api with policy
  2. create jwt with that policy id
  3. call the api with the jwt - works!
  4. create new policy WITHOUT EXPIRATION
  5. update the api with the new id
  6. create a new jwt with the new id
  7. call the api with the jwt - doesn’t works - what is the error you are getting