Dashboard: Key won't 'never expire' unless it has had a expiration data in the past

Per the title, I receive this error:
tyk-gateway_1 | time=“Feb 9 01:13:33” level=warning msg=“Incorrect key expiry setting detected, correcting”

With a new key, I have found that setting ‘never expires’ in the dashboard to fix the problem is ineffective until I’ve set the Expires in the dashboard to some other value (at least “1 month” works), and then set it back.

Once I’ve set the key to an expiration time I can set ‘never expires’ and it seems to work (no more error).

I presume this is a dashboard issue.

Thanks for letting us know - this warning is in place for expiry times that have been set incorrectly. This happens sometimes if a key has been created programmatically via the API and is related to how expiry times are calculated.

However this warning should only appear once, since it’s meant as an auto-corrective mechanism for incorrectly configured keys (normally you should never see this as it was corrective for a legacy issue).

It’s odd that the dashboard expiry setting does not fix this for your token - it’s something we’ll investigate.