Customizing Dashboard Statistics

So I’m using JWT and one of the JWT claims is the “Customer ID” where a customer may have many users, each with their own token(s).

Out of the box, the dashboard shows API activity by token (and it shows the JWT “sub” value along with the token ID, which is great).

Now the question: is there any way to get the dashboard to show API activity grouped by “customer ID” (that is, grouped by the customerId claim in the JWT token)? So e.g. if users A and B both have customer ID 15, it would show an entry for “customerId 15” that summed the API usage for users A and B, and just show a list of all the customer IDs accessing the API?

Not at the moment I’m afraid, the alias is assigned based on the “sub” value, you could change this to another field but it would undermine things. Another option is to add a claim that combines customer ID and sub as a composite and use that as a baseline identity.