Custom the dashboard?

Hi Martin,

I would like to add a tag to the sidebar in the Dashboard that would be connected to an external functionality. I have read through the docs and searched online but have not found any info on the subject. Is this possible to do, and if so, how can I do it?


The dashboard itself isn’t customizable, however it’s possible to modify the developer portal:

There’s a “templates” directory that contains all the HTML templates for the developer portal.

You can modify it from there, I suggest looking at templates/navigation.html (this template has the standard navigation bar) or templates/index.html (this is the complete page).

You should be able to find the “templates” directory in your Tyk dashboard directory, inside “portal”, in a standard Ubuntu installation it is: /opt/tyk-dashboard/portal/templates.


what about in docker? Where can I found in the container?

Docker just wraps up a linux installation, so the templates will be in the same location.