Custom Middleware and Custom middleware bundle together


I am trying to load a plugin written in python (using in “post”). I already have a JS custom middleware (used as “pre”).

I see that when I load my Python middleware bundle, then the JS one does not load. Can someone please confirm if two custom middlewares can be used simultaneously?

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Hi, can you confirm if you’re using both settings in the same API definition?

I think so. I see these

"custom_middleware": {
    "pre": [
            "name": "authMiddleware",
            "path": "/opt/tyk-gateway/middleware/authMiddleware.js",
            "require_session": false
    "post": [],
    "post_key_auth": [],
    "auth_check": {
        "name": "",
        "path": "",
        "require_session": false
    "response": [],
    "driver": "",
    "id_extractor": {
        "extract_from": "",
        "extract_with": "",
        "extractor_config": {}
"custom_middleware_bundle": "",

and manifest is

  "file_list": [
  "custom_middleware": {
    "driver": "python",
    "post": [
        "name": "OpenIDConnectDistributedClaimsConduit",
        "require_session": true
  "checksum": "",
  "signature": ""

We don’t support using two plugin drivers in the same API.
The bundler works in a way that it replaces the custom_middleware block with the contents of your bundle’s manifest file, this is the reason why JS stops working.

Possible solutions:

a) Port all the functionality to JS.
b) Port all the functionality to Python.
c) Create two APIs and use a language for each one, merge them under a third API.


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Thank you! I naively thought that the plugin bundles would be akin to Django’s middleware, where each layer is run but in a precedence. This makes a lot of sense now that I am seeing the middleware not being loaded.