Custom domain for dev portal not working


  • Branch/Version: Master v4.0.3
  • Environment: Cloud

Describe the bug
We configured a sub domain with CNAME pointing to the tyk cloud developer portal ingress and also updated the control plane with the subdomain. but the subdomain is loading the dashboard instead of dev portal (CNAME) β†’

Can you try the following steps:

  1. Set the portal domain in your dashboard. Click on Your Developer Portal > Set your Portal Domain.
  2. After that then try to set it your control plane. Click on the Deployed Button > Edit. In the Custom Portal Domain (optional) input your portal domain. Click save and re-deploy.

@Olu It’s working when we set it like the steps you mentioned.
so this is how we need to do for setting portal domain?
is there any way to set domain for dashboard?

There is a limitation of one custom domain per control plane deployment