Create org and users in Tyk CE


How do I create org and users using Admin API in Tyk CE? I understand with the Tyk Pro edition, this is achieved with Dashboard Admin API via endpoints /admin/organisations/ and /admin/users/.

Since Tyk CE doesn’t have access to Dashboard UI or Dashboard API, is there an alternative?


Hi Jeffrey

The Tyk REST API is what you need. The docs are here


Thanks Josh. I saw the API for org (/tyk/org/keys) but did not see any API for managing users. Is it because the users are used in the context of Dashboard UI only?


Tyk CE has no concept of organisations or users (that is, the gateway without the dashboard, configured with files).

To have organisations and users you will need to use the dashboard, as those are enforced at that level and the dashboard then manages your gateways.

Thanks Martin for the clarification.