Create/Manage policies through Gateway REST API (tyk community edition)


We are in the process of evaluating Tyk for API gateway use cases. We are using Tyk community edition for our evaluation.
We were able to create and test API definitions(keyless) successfully using Gateway REST API end point “tyk/apis”. However, we don’t find any endpoints for the policies creation and management anywhere in the documentation.

I would like to know if policy creation is possible from the API gateway at all. If yes, what is the process to create/manage policies from API gateway in Community edition.

Many Thanks,
Niharika Sharma

Hi @Niharika,

Yes, you can create a policy using the community edition. Please visit this page:
If you click on the ‘Community Edition’ tab , it should show you the documentation for the same.

We also have a Policies Guide here:



Thanks for the reply. I have gone through this documentation but I don’t see the REST API endpoint using which I can add my poilicies in the tyk-gateway pod. I think the documentation is about adding policies in a stand-alone version but ours is on a kubernetes cluster.
Moreover, as per this thread there’s no such support for creating policies using REST APIs.

We are interested to know if there has been any change in the functionality to support policy creation using REST APIs. If yes, please share the REST API details for Community Edition(On premise kubernetes setup).

Niharika Sharma

Hi Niharika,

Thanks for the context. I did some digging and we have an open issue regarding this:

This isn’t a priority yet, so we don’t have any timelines. But you can follow the GitHub ticket for any update on this.