Create Dashboard and Developer Portal using Tyk OSS


I have a quick question. Is there a possibility to create a Dashboard and a Developer Portal, but by only using Tyk Gateway OSS (Community Edition).
Actually, I’m looking at primailty using Tyk Gateway (OSS) Community Edition for my usecase and would like to expose certain APIs to the outside world via a Developer Portal.
My query is that can i achieve this objective, If I’m using Tyk Gateway CE?

Please provide your insights and valuable suggestions.

With regards,
Prashanth (@selvamp)

Hi Prashanth, within the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0, you are free to use the open source gateway however you wish.

There is a dashboard and portal available from Tyk Technologies Ltd (the team who support, sponsor and largely maintain the open source gateway and associated repos) but it is proprietary software and has charges as a result. The annual cost of the proprietary software is designed to be very competitive compared to building and maintaining your own alternative!

Thanks @James for the reply.
Will reach out if I have anything else.

Thanks and regards,
Prashanth (@selvamp)