Create Custom Portal in Angular


I am new to tyk, trying to create an API gateway using tyk, I got enough details regarding the admin console and I am able to create API and access the same.

Now I want to create my own portal, where developers can register, subscribe for APIs and then they can start using it.

I tried below link it throws error

I need:

  • API for registering developers using email id (email id should not be duplicated, because I can see in admin console we can add developers with same mail id, I don’t know how it works )

  • Email link to verify the account

  • once email verified they can subscribe for API and start using them

  • Stats for developers

  • Billing for developers

Going to develop custom developer portal using Angular 5 by just consuming the Tyk API’s, please guide me.

Try this link :slight_smile:

Thanks Josh :slight_smile:

Developer registration accepts duplicate email id, how to validate that.

Default behaviour from next dashboard version will be not to allow that behaviour. At the moment not much you can do with putting logic in the frontend.

I am facing lot of issues in developing custom portal, using tyk developer portal API’s

Please help me out

  • First i registered with TYK using developer portal API, it returns developer id
    but not sending email.
  • when i try to login i use verify credentials API, i get only ok response not any token, how to make subsequent calls to get developer stats and other details

one more thing, will it possible to develop developer portal end to end by only consuming TYK developer api, is it possible to generate session token for developer