Couldn't dispatch request, driver 'python' isn't available

Hi there,

I’m trying to setup a response plugin following the instructions from Response Plugins, but when the gateway tries to process a new request, I get the following error

{"@timestamp":“2021-06-30T13:43:49Z”,"@version":“1”,“error”:“Couldn’t dispatch request, driver ‘python’ isn’t available”,“level”:“debug”,“message”:“Couldn’t dispatch request object”,“type”:“tyk-gateway”}

I have added the following lines to my api config
“custom_middleware”: {
“response”: [
“name”: “ResponseHook”,
“path”: “middleware/”
“driver”: “python”

And the following lines to my tyk.config file

“coprocess_options”: {
“enable_coprocess”: true,
“python_path_prefix”: “/opt/tyk-gateway”

Base system is the oss docker installation.

Any idea?

Hi Juan,

There’s an issue with loading your plugin from the file system at the moment. Please use a bundle as per Plugin Bundles and it will work for you.


Hi Pete,

Thanks for your feedback. Indeed, using the bundle, the python driver is working properly.

Is this issue expected to be solved?


Hi Juan,

Yes, we’re working on a fix for it. I don’t have a release schedule I’m afraid.


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