CORS config in Tyk Dashboard

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Sender:Richard Hulm.
Date:Monday, 7 September 2015 09:16:32 UTC+1.

Hi Martin,

We were having a go at startin to use the gateway from a JS front-end, and started to hit against CORS.

We’d tried using the CORS-specific feature in the dashboard, but this didn’t seem to be working. Probably a config issue, and was hoping you could point us in the right direction.

This is the config I’ve got set in the dashboard for the API, i’ve also attached the headers we get back from an options request (tested using postman).

P.s. the ‘options pass through’ flag - what exactly does this do? If we check it, the options gets blocked by the authorization check (the initial options request is sent by the browser so we can’t add our own headers)