Consolidate configuration documentation

It would be nice if someone could take a look at the configuration documentation pages.

tl;dr: I see 2 types of problems with the current pages:

  1. Documented in different ways between pages.
  2. Descriptions of fields is not the same format as examples, hard to know which one is correct.

1: In gateway config-page all the fields are fully qualified, i.e: use_db_app_options.connection_string (good) while in dashboard config-page some items are referenced with [] and you don’t really know when they end, i.e: [http_server_options] and use_ssl.

1.5: In pump config-page we don’t even get documented fields, just an example without descriptions.

2: In the dashboard config-page the example says shared_node_secret but the field documentation says tyk_api_config.shared_node_secret, which one is correct? There might be more examples of this.

(3: It would be nice if the env-var pages also would use fully qualified json-descriptions, a.b, to be extra clear which one is referenced )

The pages I mainly refer to is:

Hi John,

Thanks you for the feedback. We’re always looking for ways to improve our documentation and we’ll take what you have said on board and see if we can make these pages clearer.