Configuration files for deployed instance

Would it be possible to deploy an instance of tyk with configuration files that were generated from a tyk dashboard? In our specific case setup the APIs internally and then deploy to multiple customer sites by just installing the gateway with the already created configuration files?

Yes you could just use a community edition installation - this is entirely file based and the files are the same (or very similar) to the dashboard API output.

You won’t get the dashboard though for all the sites as the CE file-based configuration doesn’t work with the dashboard, so these installs would be isolated.

Once we deploy to a client site there would be no need to access the dashboard as they are only users of the system. What do you mean by “the CE file-based configuration doesn’t work with the dashboard”? I’ve noticed while testing the docker image for tyk, that the default settings prevent use of some of the REST configuration settings.

I mean that configuring an API Gateway in file based mode means it will behave differently because it gets all its configs from the file system instead of the dashboard.

Gathering analytics would also not work properly, you could set up the pump to send data to mongo and use the dashboard to read that, but all the management features wouldn’t work. If the gateways are nowhere near the dashboard or mongo DB then it won’t work at all, Yuko need our multi-DC system or our hybrid for that.

Which docker image are you referring to? The standard gateway docker image? If you are using it in conjunction with the dashboard gen the gateway REST API is superceded by the dashboard one.

If using on its own and configured to use file-based configuration then the REST API of the gateway will become fully active again.

If you are using our hybrid container, then all interactions and api calls should be via our cloud.

Thanks Martin, that actually clears up many things.
As for the docker image, I’ve used both the one from the quick start as well as building my own. Eventually the idea would be to have a custom image that would include our API config.

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