Cloud: custom domain for api and developer

Hello, we have a critical test to finish before we can go forward with using tyk cloud or flushing and going with a different option. Would really truly appreciate a little bit of help confirming that I’m following the concepts correctly with the below. (was also sent via ticket last night).

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Reading the documentation, it appears I contact support for some final config for this in the cloud.

We’ve configured our first test API and have set the domain to apiDOTdomainDOTname.

We’ve also configured our developer portal domain as

DNS CNAMEs are configured:
apiDOTdomainDOTname => apiDOTdomainDOTnameDOTcloudDOTtykDOTio
developerDOTdomainDOTio => developerDOTdomainDOTnameDOTcloudDOTtykDOTio

And the SSL certs for each been uploaded:
apiDOTdomainDOTname cert id = xxxcertid1
developerDOTdomainDOTname cert id = xxxcertid2

Final question, for the upstream graphql engine (hasura behind nginx) that I was successfully able to have tyk cloud pull and expose the schema from, how do I set the proper TLS config to communicate via the playground (I get a “TLS is not enabled” error). I’ve also uploaded the SSL cert for the upstream domain (gDOTdomainDOTname xxxcertid3), but I don’t think that was necessary nor in the right direction. Any help would be appreciated.