Circuit Breaker collected request to evaluated

Hi, I read the docs Circuit Breakers
and read the topic in communities (Circuit Breaker - #2 by Olu) but I still few doubts about the circuit breaker
can anyone please help?

About x and y in this docs
from the note section “The value of the samples have to be collected within a 10 sec window before they are evaluated. So for 10/100, 100 requests have to be retrieved first before checking whether the conditions are met for the breaker to be tripped.”

I’m not sure 10 sec is come from ? (default value of Tyk or ?)

If I compare it with UI configuration it has the 3 inputs
Trigger threshold percentage
Sample size(requests)
Retrun to service in (s)

I’m not found the input meaning the same as 10 sec.

Hi @Khanate_Luthaicharoe,

Welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, 10 sec is a default value of Tyk, hard-coded in the source. It’s not configurable.

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