Change ExpiresAt default value in tyk pump

I have deployed tyk pump to pull analytics data from tyk. Is there a way I can configure tyk pump to delete 3 months old records?

Hi @MeetThink360,

Yes, sure!

Please review Capping Analytics Data Storage

Hi @Ubong ,
Thanks for the reply!
The documentation that you suggested has a way to cap data for mongodb pump. I am looking to cap data for a sql pump.
Forgive me for not being clear for the first time.

There doesn’t appear to be an equivalent feature for this in Postgres.

The closest I can find is this suggestion to use a SEQUENCE command to put a limit on the number of records a table can hold.

An alternative would be to orchestrate some command that could be run on a regular basis to remove records older than a particular date.

Or enabling table sharding in SQL pump to create one table per day with the following format tyk_analytics_YYYYMMDD. Then combine that + some job agent like pgAgent to delete older tables without locking your pump from writing data.


Thank you very much @Olu !. Your suggestions have been very helpful.