CentOS Install - dashboard not starting

Evening all,

I am trying to install on CentOS 7 and all signs thus far where that is was working. However, at the end of installing the dashboard, I enter sudo service tyk-dashboard start and it says tyk-dashboard started but when I check with sudo service tyk-dashboard status it says tyk-dashboard is not running

I checked /var/opt to try and enter license details or check for an error log but the /opt folder is empty :? any advice?

Hello @mwalton how did you install the dashboard? Did you try using our Ansible playbook?

Tyk typically installs on the /opt directory. So something seems wrong.

Can you send the full dump of sudo service tyk-dashboard status

I used the shell guide as I was curious if I could install Ansible on what is a VM of a Server via VMware EXIS.

the output is only tyk-dashboard is not running even after running sudo service tyk-dashboard start

Can you check if the package is actually installed?

of course, ran the install command and got

Package tyk-dashboard-4.2.0-1.x86_64 already installed and latest version
Nothing to do
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can you try installing 4.1?

Done, installed 4.1.0-1 and same thing, wont start, provides no reason why and /var/opt folder is empty

Where are you installing it? Can I replicate this somehow?

I am installing on a Minimal CentOS 7 VM hosted on my physical server in London Datacenter. I could re-install CentOS 7 just give you access from scratch if you want? or I can give you access to what I currently have and see if you can fix.

That works, my email is [email protected]