Cannot connect to the API created in dashboard

I’ve got a pro license and setup the full stack of Tyk (dashboard, gateway and pump) on a CentOs Virtual Machine following the tutorial here: I’ve added the pro license on the dashboard login page and was able to login using the user created using the /opt/tyk-dashboard/install/ script described in the tutorial. However, I’m not able to connect to the API I created and the error message I got from my browser is “refused to connect”. I then tried curl http://<ip>/test/ as well as curl http://localhost/test/ on the box I installed Tyk as root and got “Connection refused” as well. I was looking for the log files but there are none in /var/log for Tyk. Any suggestions on how I can make progress? Thanks a lot!

Hi Jack,

Regarding the logs can you look into /var/log/upstart ?

Kos @ Tyk support team

Thanks Kos,

I’ve figured it out myself. For the benefit of others, what I went wrong was that I populated a variable in the script included in the tutorial, which is supposed to be a domain, with an ip address. This somehow broke the setup. Thanks Kos for helping though!