Can Tyk handle aggregation across multiple end points?

I’m working on a requirement for pulling in data from multiple end-points.
In my example, the client service is displaying an overview of a bank account. We want it to show current balance, last payment received, and next scheduled payment. The service application supports this with three APIs: bank-account, scheduled-payments (first one, date asc), payments (first one, date desc).

I know the client can make three calls but I was under the impression one of Tyk’s features was the ability to aggregate across multiple end-points. Forgive me if I missed this in the documentation.

Note: edited for clarification.

Yes it can, there’s two ways to use this feature in Tyk:

  1. A raw batch endpoint - which takes a pre-formated strict inbound request and runs it, it then returns a heavily structured return object (good for internal APIs)
  2. A virtual path which can also execute the above-mentioned batch logic, but sits inside a Javascript wrapper so you can prgramatically modify and massage the data that gets passed back to the client (i.e. to present a stable return schema)

Thank you, Martin. I have to admit I skimmed past “Batch Requests” as I immediately associated the topic with the asynchronous / off-line processing of enterprise systems. This set me down the correct path.