Can not save service_discovery settings with tyk dashbaord v1.7.0

Hi, i found i cannot save service disconvery settings with tyk dashbaord

Hi Lexkong,

I had the same issue. To solve it I exported the API definition, changed the definition with an editor and imported it again.

Another workaround was: delete the API via Dashboard and make it new. It seems that there is an issue if you would change an existing API by adding service discovery.

Hope that helps? Feedback would be nice.

Best regards

Hi, that is strange - you shouldn’t need a work-around.
A Tyk engineer is looking into this now, we’ll let you know what we find!

Hi Tyk team,
I am having same issue. The service discovery settings are not persisted.
I am using On-premises v1.7.5 and also I am able to replicate it on the cloud version.


Having the same issue as well.
Looks like the service discovery properties are written in the root level of the sent JSON instead of in the “service_discovery” object.

Hi, this issue has been fixed and will be available in the next release, 1.7.6

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