Can I install Tyk on Ubuntu 16.04.1 xx64?

I see the docs call for Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS, but is there anything blocking an install on 16.04? I’m going to use a Digital Ocean droplet as the host as its cheaper than AWS.

It should work on 16.04, we just haven’t packaged for it or officially supported it yet, but there’s no reason the application shouldn’t work as it should run on any linux variant.

Yep, it works just fine.

Martin: one followup question. The Community edition gateway installation (v2.2.0.23) works just fine. What I cannot find is installation instructions for the Dashboard for this edition. I see older instructions for the Pro edition (with the MongoDB backend), but need to know how to turn it on here.

Older edition instructions:
sudo /opt/tyk-dashboard/install/ --listenport=3000 --redishost=localhost --redisport=6379 --mongo=mongodb:// --tyk_api_hostname=$HOSTNAME --tyk_node_hostname=http://localhost --tyk_node_port=8080 --portal_root=/portal --domain=“XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX”

The current dashboard version is I think, the installation instructions are exactly the same:

Just see the dashboard section in the nav for your platform :slight_smile:

Thanks, Martin. The gateway no longer has a dependency on Mongo, but the Dashboard does. Is that correct?

That’s right - if you go for a dashboard based install, then you’ll need mongodb too

The only “gotcha” is that MongoDB is setup to use upstart instead of systemd, so it won’t automatically start. You need to create a systemctl file to be ready for systemd, then Mongo (and subsequently Tyk) can start. That process is documented here: MongoDB (3.2) doesn't start on Lubuntu 16.04 LTS as a service - Ask Ubuntu if others need to follow it.

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