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I’m evaluating Tyk 1.9 for our purposes. One of our customer’s requirements is to have it run nativelly (=not docker) Win64 server. I was trying to compile it on Windows but received the following errors with goagain.go:
e:\ApiMan\GO\src\\rcrowley\goagain\goagain.go:34: undefined: syscall.SIGUSR2
e:\ApiMan\GO\src\\rcrowley\goagain\goagain.go:101: undefined: syscall.SIGUSR
e:\ApiMan\GO\src\\rcrowley\goagain\goagain.go:160: undefined: syscall.Wait4
e:\ApiMan\GO\src\\rcrowley\goagain\goagain.go:186: cannot use int(fd) (type

Was anyone able to build and run the gateway/dashboard on Win64 so I can learn from their experience? Or is Win64 out of scope?


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Date:Wednesday, 6 January 2016 08:31:22 UTC.

Hi Ofer,

I think the source would need some surgery to build on windows, goagain.go is a process forking library that allows us to hot-reload the Tyk process using a SIGUSR2 init signal (not used very often), and pretty much relies on linux syscalls.

You could probably strip that conditional block out of the main.go file and remove the dependency, but there’s a whole bunch of other things that can go wrong on a windows system. We never planned, optimised or tested for windows deployments so this would be very hit and miss :wink:


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