Breaking change in the Dashboard Users API

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Sender:Richard Hulm.
Date:Wednesday, 6 January 2016 16:04:55 UTC.

Hi Martin,

In the 1.9 release there was a breaking change to the dashboard API which (as far as we could see) wasn’t documented anywhere, meant we had to spend some time tracking down why Tyk was failing to be provisioned by our scripts

The endpoint is “http://dashboard:3000/admin/users” (POST)

It used to be, if you sent a request similar to:
{“first_name”: “Jason”, “last_name”: “Jasonson”, “email_address”: “[email protected]”, “active”: true, “password”: “abc123”}

You would get a response like:
{ “Status”: “OK”,“Message”: “ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE”,“Meta”: “”}

You now get
{“Status”:“OK”,“Message”:“29421c91489b4e53771d36623092f228”,“Meta”:{“api_model”:{},“first_name":“Jason”,“last_name”:“Jasonson”,“email_address”:"[email protected]”,“password”:“$2a$10$1YvlqIFsKwX4J4FnfzWZ5uRKZ1v3sz5Yy3K1BdIzol3DO1l61YUsu”,“org_id”:“”,“active”:true,“id”:“568d3187d6c082af4bcabb75”,“access_key”:“29421c91489b4e53771d36623092f228”}}

Which is great, lots more information back! However the fact that Meta is no longer a string wasn’t mentioned in the changelogs anywhere that we can see, and is a breaking change in the API…

Our automated tests caught this, so we’re going to rollback for now and postpone the upgrade until we have time to make best use of the new install mechanisms for Tyk (and possibly stop using the host manager now it’s not required!)

But just for some feedback - it would be great if when there was this sort of change in the API with the response changing it was included in the changelog, so we could more accurately gauge the work required in upgrading to the new version


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Sender:Martin Buhr.
Date:Wednesday, 6 January 2016 16:50:35 UTC.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for pointing this out to the community - we completely neglected to mention this API change in 1.9 although we try to track all changes in the changelog where possible, this must have slipped through :-/

Will make sure that API changes are documented in future.

Many thanks,

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