Based in London or Singapore? Join our Tyk Meet Up groups

Hi everyone,

I’m Emma and I run Tyk’s community events. Nice to meet you all!

If you’re based in/around London and Singapore, we recently launched two Tyk Community meet-ups, focused on all things API. We’ll be running various talks, events and learning sessions for API lovers (and almost always powered by pizza, beers and swag).

But I don’t live in London or Singapore :pouting_cat: Now what?

No problem! We’ll be launching other Tyk meet-ups in selected cities in the not-too-distant future. If you’d like to speed up the process by collaborating with us to organise one in your area, get in touch via [email protected]. We can provide you with support and content for Tyk-related, (and sometimes general API), events. Don’t be shy!

Finally, our next Tyk meet-up will be our API Surgery in London on 18 October. Bring your API on Tyk and benefit from our API 'Doctor’s expertise. He’ll take you through all the steps to get your API up-and-running and answer any specific questions you might have. Plus it’s an opportunity to meet community users working with Tyk in a number of ways. Full details and RSVP info here.

Hope to meet some of you soon!


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