Attaching documentation to multiple API versions

Hello! Let’s say i have 1 policy with access rights to multiple versions of the same API.
I have a different swagger file for each version of course. When creating a portal catalogue
entry for the policy, i can only attach 1 swagger file as a documentation. So to solve the problem,
i’m thinking about creating a new catalogue entry for each API version, using the same policy.
But even then, there’s no actual link between the documentation and the api version, only the entry name. Is there any other solution, or am i missing something?
Thank you!

The portal is designed to publish a facade, not a one-to-one mapping, so the policy grants access to many microservices and presents a single unified API facade.

Thjis does add the issue of having lots of small swagger docs, in this case you’ll need to merge them into a single file, that’s the only way to get the poretal to publish all the docs for a single policy mapping.

Thank you for the answer, but i wasn’t talking about multiple microservices, but multiple versions of the same microservice. In which case i’m not sure if merging the swagger docs can be done.

Ah, right.

In that case, I’d suggest setting up different policies for each version, then adding those to the catalogue with the relevant swagger doc. Then users can self-select the version they want to use. You’ll need to store the version info in the entry name / title