Associating keys with Developers


Is there a way within the dashboard that I can associate an api key to a particular developer?

Here is an example on occassion we might want to manage developers internally from an admin perspective and not grant them access to the develper portal;

  1. after creating a developer can I create a key and tie it back to that developer?
  2. can I do this from my user admin account or do I have to be logged in as that developer to create the key?


You can, but you must use the Key Request API to do it, I don’t think it’s possible to create a new key request via the dashboard.

So you generate a key request object for the developer and policy, then approve the request.

The key will be generated and the developer notified but the portal need not be involved.

After the key is retrieved , how can I access the API using the developerd and key generated for that developer?

Hi Martin,

I have seen your responses for most of the requests in this community.
Thanks a lot for responding ,

Could you please help with the below issues I am facing,

1)I unable to approve any key requests in TYK.
2)Could you please help in accessing the APIs using the keys generated for developers?