APIDefinition - Endpoint Middleware - PRO/open source features?

We are looking into features which are available in Tyk operator from below Github link -

Here “APIDefinition - Endpoint Middleware” section is listed under Pro features, Are these features available only for Pro users (Enterprise edition) in this operator or its available in open source operator also?

Anup Rai

Hello @Anup_Rai the Tyk Operator is open source. It is a tool that enables you to manage your k8s environment. However, not all features that it implements are open source. The reason for that is that the Tyk Operator requires the underlying infrastructure of the Tyk Pro to fulfill these features.

Hi @zaid ,

Thanks for you reply.

We see few functionalities are available in Open source but the same is marked under Pro Feature in Operator.

For example - Request body, response body, method transform is available in open source using API Definition as shown in below links -


But these features which are listed under "APIDefinition - Endpoint Middleware” in Tyk operator Github link are marked as available only in Pro version.

Will all the open source features not be available if we use Tyk operator?

Anup Rai

Hi @Anup_Rai

I can see how it is a little confusing. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The only features available in an enterprise paid license from that page currently is “Active API”

I have moved the page heading further down the page to make it clearer.

The rest of the features you describe (in this section tyk-operator/api_definitions.md at master · TykTechnologies/tyk-operator · GitHub), are available in the open-source offering of Tyk Gateway.


Hi @ahmet ,

Thanks for clearing this confusion.

There are few features which are available in open source (CE) but are marked as “Not Implemented” in operator. For example Global Rate Limit (API based), Basic Authentication etc.

Does this mean not all the open source (CE) features are available in operator?

@Anup_Rai you’re correct. We are currently working on adding more features but not all are available yet.

If there are any features you are looking for that are not available yet e.g. anything you see as “NOT IMPLEMENTED” - please open a feature request inside the repo.

Tyk is rich with capabilities… and the Operator is relatively new & under active development. We want to ensure that the most in-demand capabilities are introduced first… so open a ticket for anything you find is missing and you really need - we can then prioritise it.

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Thanks @ahmet .

Is there a way to find the entire API Definition objects which are supported by tyk-operator similar to what is documented here for tyk-gateway.

For example -

Adding global header is supported like below -

     header-name: header-value

But not the resource level header addition like below-

            header-name: header-value
        path: (.*)
        method: GET

We see global header addition is mentioned in Github link but not the resource level. Are the features which are not mentioned in Github not supported yet?

Please see the samples here:

More specifically - for header injection: tyk-operator/httpbin_global-headers.yaml at master · TykTechnologies/tyk-operator · GitHub

Yes global header addition is mentioned in Github but not the resource level.

Are the features which are not mentioned in Github not supported yet?