Api traces are not getting reflected in jaeger UI

this is my tyk.standalone.conf file

"tracing": {

    "name": "jaeger",

    "enabled": true,

    "options": {

      "baggage_restrictions": null,

      "disabled": false,

      "headers": null,

      "reporter": {

        "BufferFlushInterval": 0,

        "collectorEndpoint": "",

        "jaegerAgentHostPort": "jaeger:6831",

        "logSpans": true,

        "password": "",

        "queueSize": 0,

        "user": ""


      "rpc_metrics": false,

      "sampler": {

        "maxOperations": 0,

        "param": 1,

        "samplingRefreshInterval": 0,

        "samplingServerURL": "",

        "type": "const"


      "serviceName": "tyk-gateway",

      "tags": null,

      "throttler": null



Hello @vivek_maurya, welcome to the community.

Could you check out this thread Tyk OpenTracking(Jaeger) and let us know if it solves your issue?

Additionally, could you share your gateway version?

I am using latest version
and I think jaeger is not using the configuration which I have specified in tyk.standalone.conf.
jaeger is using it’s default configurations, could you please help me configuring jaeger.

Apologies, I noticed I did not link the thread. I have edited the post now.

About the version do you mean version 3.2.1? If not could you help with a version number.

I have shared the gateway/tyk config used in the thread above. Could you try that out and let me know how it goes.

Additionally any details on your environment would help. For example:

  • Operating System: Ubuntu, CenOS, Macintosh etc
  • Deployment Method: Docker, Kubertenes etc

finally i managed to solve it.
I changed tyk-gateway version from docker.tyk.io/tyk-gateway/tyk-gateway:v3.2.1 to docker.tyk.io/tyk-gateway/tyk-gateway:v3.2.2 and it’s working fine now.