API platform engineering fundamentals programme is now available on-demand

:tada: I have an exciting announcement for you! The hugely popular and highly anticipated API platform engineering fundamentals programme is now available ON-DEMAND!

Access the programme here: API platform engineering fundamentals | 7-week programme

Origin story

Back in October 2023, we wanted to bring together a group of extraordinary thought leaders, experts and practitioners to help API platform teams deepen their knowledge and accelerate their platform maturity. This took the shape of the API platform engineering fundamentals programme comprising 10+ hours of incredibly insightful content delivered over 7 weeks presented by 8 amazing guest speakers.

700+ participants, 100+ certified graduates and a 4.9 star rating later, we know for sure that you found this programme just as enjoyable as we did putting it together. It only encourages, motivates, charges us up to keep bringing you more insightful and valuable content in the future!

Whatโ€™s included:

:fire: Course material: All modules, slides, and additional resources will be available immediately upon registration.

:fire: Certification quiz: There is one certification quiz and those who score 80% and above will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement.

:fire: Acceleration workshops: For those who successfully complete the programme, we are offering a personalised 2-hour workshop to accelerate your API platform maturity.

:fire: Post-course hangout: While this is a self-paced programme, we will be hosting an API platform engineering hangout at the end of each quarter to discuss your experience, answer your questions and celebrate those who have been awarded a certificate of achievement that quarter!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and take the next step in your API platform journey!

Happy learning :slight_smile: