API for most granular usage data


I´m really a fan of APIs to manage my own data in my own way. Although your dashboard is already quite cool, it´s not suitable for real analytics.

Is there a way to get access to our most granular data, i.e. calls per API key over time, via one of your API´s? I´m missing that one for now, but I might overlook it as well. Since it´s integrated in your front-end dashboard, I assume I can get access to the underlying data as well?!

Many thanks

Hi Nils

Have you taken a look at Tyk Pump? You may find that delivers what you need.


Thanks for the quick response, James!

Yes, I think that actually does what I need:slight_smile:


That’s great.

If you create a custom pump, please consider contributing it back to the community. We have the users to thank for some of the pumps you can see!

Don’t hesitate to ask for further assistance, and I look forward to learning more about your project as it develops - keep us informed!