Any support for monetization?

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Sender:Ashish Jain.
Date:Monday, 18 January 2016 16:29:46 UTC.

It’s my first topic to this grp. Congratulations to tyk team for this cool looking APM solution.

My main resistance to move to tyk (from 3scale) is payment gateway integration.
As commercial business owner (, I need to have ability to sell subscription plans.

If it doesn’t have payment gateway integrations, then what is suggested way? (if i still try to use tyk)


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Sender:Ashish Jain.
Date:Monday, 18 January 2016 17:36:55 UTC.

I opened github issue.

Also as I read past threads, can anyone comment, if they are able to configure billing system using webhooks or REST api calls.

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Sender:Martin Buhr.
Date:Monday, 18 January 2016 18:36:28 UTC.

Hi Anish,

We currently have no plans for adding a payment solution, if we do, it will be a separate service.

Tyk makes provisions for a payment flow through its portal hand-off when a key request is made.

The flow is:

  • user enrolled for paid for API plan
  • A key request document is generated
  • the user is redirected to a third party app with the id of the key request as a param
  • user fulfills some kind of transaction
  • third party app uses Tyk Portal API to approve key request and directs user back to their dashboard
  • token is emailed to user (or shown by third party app, as it is returned as part of the key request approval.

So it’s possible, and we’ve or a mechanism in place to support it, but do not provide a packaged solution.

I believe some in the community are working on a third party payment gateway, but I’ve not seen it in action.

Building one should be simple enough though, especially with subscription providers like stripe which handle recurring billing for you.


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