Any detailed guide for how to send a welcome email use the amazon?

Hi team,

i want to send the welcome email to my registered user, how can i implement that?

Amazone ses is used in my project , here are what i am do:
“code”: “amazonses”,
“settings”: {
“Endpoint”: “Endpoint”,
“AccessKeyId”: “*",
“SecretAccessKey”: "

in tyk_analytics.conf

2.“monitor”: {
“enable_trigger_monitors”: true,
“configuration”: {
“method”: “POST”,
“target_path”: “”,
“template_path”: “templates/monitor_template.json”,
“header_map”: {“x-tyk-monitor-secret”: “12345”},
“event_timeout”: 10
“global_trigger_limit”: 80.0,
“monitor_user_keys”: false,
“monitor_org_keys”: true
in tyk.conf, but not clear target_path mean.

It would be appreciate if you cloud send me the guide on how to send the welcome email more clearly.