Announcing: Tyk-Pump

We’re happy to announce the initial release of Tyk Pump!

What is it?

Tyk Pump is a pluggable analytics purger to move Analytics generated by your Tyk nodes to any back-end.


As part of an ongoing project to strip back dependencies in Tyk API Gateway, our first target is MongoDB. The main touchpoint Tyk gateway has with mongo is to purge analytics data to it.

Lots of our users don’t like MongoDB doing anything near the business end of their API stack, and having Tyk Gateway purge analytics to it is something we can very easily change.

Tyk Pump is a utility service that basically takes the purging function from within Tyk and externalises it into a pluggable, easy to customise and small service that can sit separately to your gateway and dashboard.

More data sinks

Loads of you really want the ability to put the data that Tyk Gateway generates into multiple other places, such as CSV, Amazon Kinesis, Postgres, and CloudWatch to name a few.

The way Tyk Pump has been designed, implementing a data sink is really easy, simply implement the Pump interface and register the pump with the application, the small footprint of the service makes this a really easy and straightforward method to extend your data targets beyond Tyk Dashboard.

Performance boost

An added bonus - having the gateway purge at the front-line can degrade performance (more threads shoveling a lot of data), Tyk Pump offloads this onto another service so that you can have data being written to your dashboard or BI engine on a different server (or shared with dashboard). Improving overall throughput and latency.

Tyk Pump is available as open source here:

Creating new back ends for it is really easy, we’re open to all suggestions & pull requests!

Tyk Pump will form a core component in upcoming versions of the Tyk stack, and will be available in our YUP and APT repositories soon.



Does Tyk pump work on a scheduled basis or is it (near) real-time?

You set a polling period - it can be as low as 1s though that’s not recommended.