๐ŸŽ‰ Announcing LEAP 2024 - the API observability conference

Leap 2024 - the API Observability Conference

We are incredibly excited to be hosting Leap 2024 - the API observability conference on Feb 29, between 9 am and 4 pm ET!

:books: A little backstory

6 months ago, we launched the API platform engineering fundamentals programme in collaboration with 8 incredible industry experts. The idea was to educate API platform teams about how to evolve and elevate their API platform maturity. Over 700 participants, and 100+ certified API platform engineers later, we started thinking about the next step in the journey. What else can we do to help platform teams further their maturity? Whatโ€™s a true pain point that we need to explore? The answer - API observability!

:telescope: Why API observability?

Observability helps developers and operators understand their systems better. Observability applied to APIs can help platform teams create more efficient API platforms, assist developers in troubleshooting and proactively improving their APIs, and enable product managers to extract more value from their API products.

Thus Leap was born, our very first free, virtual API observability conference taking place on Leap Day - a day that promises to be full of learning, sharing, and networking!

What do we have in store for you?

:white_check_mark: Two tracks: a decision makersโ€™ track with light talks, panel discussions and case studies about the value of observability, and an implementersโ€™ track focusing on demos, workshops and implementation stories.

:white_check_mark: Expert speakers: weโ€™ll be joined by 20+ extraordinary speakers to share their expertise about all aspects of API observability: from introducing observability to your organisation, learning all about OpenTelemetry - the open standard for telemetry data, to leveraging telemetry data in all phases of the API value chain for better, safer, and more efficient APIs.

:white_check_mark: Certification: Introducing the API observability fundamentals certification - a way to test and expand your learning while showcasing your observability knowledge to the rest of the world! (Exclusively available for Leap participants)

Excited? Intrigued? Ready to take this leap together?

Sign up now: LEAP 2024: Elevate Your API Observability Skills

You can find more details about the speakers on the page above. The schedule announcement will be coming soon!