Allow Tyk Sync to make environment specific changes

Tyk Sync, copies an API like for Like.

But since, when is an API the same between environments.

For example,

• upstreamURL
• Source (Authorisation)
• customDomain

would change between an environment.

I suggest being able to pass a file

tyk-sync sync -p=“/tmp” -d=“” -s=“” -file nonprod.json

    {"6ac4d533642242b77ec7cdac2594a768": {
      "x-tyk-api-gateway": {
        "info": {
        "server": {
          "customDomain": {
            "name": ""
        "upstream": {
          "url": ""

Welcome to the community and thanks for the suggestion.

@Yaara Would you care to comment?

Ability to turn off the GraphQL Playground for production API deployment is another example where this would be useful.