Agilio installation

When attaching documentation in the API catalog we are advised…

If you are using API Blueprint, Tyk will use the aglio system to gnerate your API documentation. This means Aglio will need to be installed on the dashbaord system. Aglio look and feel can be modified and customised using the ‘jade’ folder in the tportal templates directory.

I checked out and integrations instructions are light. Is it as simple as installing via NPM and generating the HTML to cover all APIs provided in the API Blueprint? Any Tyk configs or vars to set on Agilio to communicate with Tyk?

Thank you!

Aglio isn’t fun to install, take a look at this:

Look at the Aglio section for how it gets installed in that docker container.

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Thanks Martin! So I’ve already setup a Tky Gateway env with Gateway/Dash/Portal on SRV1, Mongo SRV2 and Redis SRV3 - everything seems to be doing what it should in the dashboard. AS I’m not doing Docker I assume I can NPM Install Aglio on SRV1

# Install Aglio (API Blueprint) - This is horrible
RUN curl -sL | bash -
RUN apt-get install -y nodejs
RUN npm install -g aglio

(seems simple, guess I’ll find out what is horrible about it…already have python build ess installed / Ubuntu 14.04)

If I succeed, then that’s it? No special pointers or vars or conf file changes?

EDIT: portal/jade/ folder and in portal/templates/ - I assume I would have to copy the aglio/templates files over to these dirs to the tyk/portal folders…?

Yu shouldn’t need to do anything after that, so long as Aglio is on the path it should just work.

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(What’s horrible about it is curling into bash - ick.)

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Thank you Martin, I’m giving it a shot now. Will report back on success :triumph:

Well, trying and have dependency issues on aglio build. I’ve got to move on…

I actually prefer / have more experience with swagger specs then with apiblueprint but absolutely hate the swagger UI. Looks like early 2000 crap to me and just the appearance puts out the wrong vibe of where I want to take this. Plus every time I open specs I worked so hard to build and look at that interface I kick my dog.

There is an absolutely beautiful open source swagger UI here…GitHub - jensoleg/swagger-ui: Swagger UI is a dependency-free collection of HTML, Javascript, and CSS assets that dynamically generate beautiful documentation from a Swagger-compliant API. which can be demo’d here:

Is it possible to replace the Tyk swagger UI with this? If not, can you guys discuss putting this and/or GitHub - Swagger2Markup/swagger2markup: A Swagger to AsciiDoc or Markdown converter to simplify the generation of an up-to-date RESTful API documentation by combining documentation that’s been hand-written with auto-generated API documentation. in your roadmap to give us a little more flexibility in presenting our API’s? My dog, Torq, would be very happy…

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If you are running a local install of Tyk you can completely change the swagger UI by editing the swagger.html file in the portal templates directory :slight_smile:

We’ll take a look at the different swagger interface and see if it’s something we’ll want to adopt, thanks for the tip!