Adding support for disabling default metrics using Tyk Chart

Dear Team,

I have been trying to configure the Prometheus pump using the Tyk helm chart by setting up the environment variables as instructed in the documentation available at Tyk Pump Environment Variables.

However, I have noticed that the TYK_PMP_PUMPS_PROMETHEUS_META_DISABLEDMETRICS environment variable is not functioning as expected. We intended to disable some of the default metrics using this environment variable.

Upon examining the deployment pump chart available at tyk-charts/deployment-pmp.yaml at main · TykTechnologies/tyk-charts · GitHub, I realized that there is no support for this environment variable. Hence, I would greatly appreciate your help in adding support for this feature.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Hi Kaushal,

Welcome to Tyk Community.
TYK_PMP_PUMPS_PROMETHEUS_META_DISABLEDMETRICS is the correct environment variable. You can define it your values.yaml under pump section as extraEnvs.


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Hi Asha,

I have tried that but it doesn’t seem to be working. It is still creating default metrics.

value: ‘[“tyk_latency_bucket”]’

Note that I am using 1.7 version for tyk pump.


Hi Kaushal,

Currently only base metrics can be excluded. Pls check.
[Tyk Pump Environment Variables]