Adding API definition via Gateway REST api

Hello everyone. I’m running Tyk CE. I’m trying to add a API definition directly through the Gateway REST API.

I’m posting a JSON object that looks like this
“name”: “test”,
“use_keyless”: true,
“active”: true,
“custom_middleware_bundle”: “”,
“enable_coprocess_auth”: true,
“proxy”: {
“listen_path”: “/”,
“target_url”: “http://test.myhost.internal:80

I get the following response

“action”: “added”,
“key”: “”,
“status”: “ok”

But when I then list all API defs it’s not there so it seems that it is never added for some reason.
I tried to post without the bundle and coprocess as well without success. Anyone know why it isn’t added?

Can you please try an api def from our docs or in this forum and post it?

I just tried it, it states that it has been added, but when I do a GET request to “/tyk/api” it’s not there.

Hi @kristoffer_johansson, I have this exactly problem today. I couldn’t find anywhere in the documentation, but after that you just need to call /tyk/reload/groups in order to make Tyk reload all the files, thus, also load your new API definition.

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