Adding a certificate to a specific API


I am using tyk dashboard, gateway and pump in a closed environment (in addition to the redis and mongoDB). all latest versions
My dashboard and gateway are accessed through normal HTTP connection. Now i want to have a specific API work with a certificate and be accessed using HTTPS.

So i tried adding a certificate using the dashboard but it doesn’t seem to work. What am i doing wrong? Can i not have specific APIs with SSL and others without - Do i need to configure the whole gateway using HTTPS?

Thanks in advance!

In this case you have to switch all apis to use SSL, or put simple proxy on top of tyk, like nginx, which will do ssl only for a single api.


Hi @leon

Is it possible to add the certificates in Tyk and use the certificate only for specific APIs using authentication mode by enabling client certificate?

I think this feature should help to enable certificate checks for specific API

Please correct me if my understanding is not correct

PS: I might be wrong in understanding as started using Tyk couple of weeks ago

ok so i tried configuring my gateway image with a certificate
i mount the certificate to the required path (/opt/tyk-gateway/cer.cer)
and then when i docker run it doesn’t work and in the logs it says
“Server error: loadkeys: open : no such file or directory”

my tyk.conf looks like this:

"use_ssl": true,
        "cert_file": "/opt/tyk-gateway/cer.cer"

Do not forget that you should provide both certificate and private key (in PEM format).
In this case error may indicate that “cert_key” is mising.