Add API to Catalogue > Available policies

When I add a new api to the catalog, the list of available polices is empty.

What should I do?


You need to add a policy before you can create a catalogue. This is because any tokens created by the catalogue will be assigned the policy.

There’s a tutorial on how to create a policy on our website.



button Add in to Access Rights, does not work.

Do you have any APIs defined? If not, create an API first, as a policy needs to be connected to an API definition.

There’s a tutorial on how to create an API on our website.

Yes, Is created.

but it’s not working

Do you see any APIs listed in the add access rule field? You should be able to see the APIs you defined there, select one then click Add.

The API will then be added to the Access Rights list.

If this is what you’ve done, and it isn’t working, please can you tell me which browser are you using and also the version? Please also let me know if there are any errors or warnings appearing in the browser console when you click on the Add button.

Also, to add to what Dave said, your API cannot use the “Open” authentication mode type, these APIs are open, they do not require a key-request or registration to use by their nature.