Activity by Key, understand key column

I have created an API key which is the following: 572080be0cc1752002000001dd6717e0a42b433759c1887f173727ca

Now, in the Activity by KEY section, how can I identify that key? Beucase all I see are two rows with keys: 00000000 and 2eaf5fc5

These are hashes of the keys, we encrypt them on create so that they can’t be easily stolen in case of a DB breach.

In the dev version / nightlies we have the capability to add an Alias to keys so that it’s easier to distinguish them in analytics.

So, Can I do nothing? I can’t recognize the api keys?

If the keys were generated by the portal, the hashed representation will be linked to the developer that they key was issued to.

Another alternative is to add meta-data to the keys when they are created, the meta-data can then be injected into headers so you can see them in the log-viewer.

Lastly, you could use key-level tags (if you aren;t using policies) these also get carried through to the log-data.

If you want new stuff right now, you can always grab our nightly builds of the gateway, pump and the dashboard to get access to aliases.

How do I add an alias (email or internal ID) to a key from the API?
I see this possibility in the dashboard, and you also mention that, but I need to automatize that.

The session object has an


Field in the root, set this to the alias yu want to use