404 page not found

Hi, I was able to successfully get Tyk gateway up and running with the my-api test saved.

But, once I create the key and add it to the -H of a curl statement, I get a 404 response. If I set the Authorization: null, I get the correct response saying Key not Authorised message.

But then using the correct header key value, I get a 404 page not found response.

Then, if I just browse to any random api path like :8080/aslkfjasdkljsdf I also get a 404.

It seems like the gateway never knows how to map the api-slug or listen path to the actual target end point.

Any ideas on where I should check first? I don’t have any domains, just ip addresses, so I am not sure if it is a DNS issue or where to look first. I am running the lastest releases following the Install on Red Hat guide…



Can you provide some nor detail?

  • what was your listen path
  • what was your target set up to?

If you set up Tyk and followed the tutorials to get an API started, the API will be under /listen-path/resource

The listen path gets stripped out on the outbound request.

The second question I have is, is the 404 being generated by Tyk, or by your upstream service?

The fact that the gateway is blocking/allowing traffic implies the API is being identified and secured, but the outbound request is hitting a 404, which Tyk is just proxying back to you.

This could be because the listen path is stripped out.