3rd Party Identity Providers, Use in which environment?

In tyk of docs have introduce 3rd Party Identity Providers (TIB), part of 3rd Party Identity Providers have list TIB requires:

Tyk Gateway v1.9.1+
Tyk Dashboard v0.9.7.1+

part of Installation:

Extract the tarball and run the binary:
tar -xvzf tyk-identity-broker-0.4.0.tar.gz
cd tyk-identity-broker-0.4.0/
go build
cp ./tib_sample.conf ./tib.conf
vim tib.conf and update hostnames, passwords and certificates

The question is that:
1): Installation Tyk identity broker in which environment, should be in docker or can run in on-premise(Centos 7)?

2): How to understand Usage of script ? as follow:

Usage of ./tyk-identity-broker-0.4.0:
Path to the config file (default “tib.conf”)
Path to the profiles file (default “profiles.json”)

Thank you for help.


You can use docker or a distro of your choice for hosting TIB.

The usage for TIB is pretty self explanatory - you can run TIB with the -c flag to point to the location of the TIB config if you have it anywhere other than the default. And the same for -p to point to the TIB profiles file.


Josh, thank you for you reply.