Where access control section to test api?

hi i tried follow this tutorial //tyk.io/docs/getting-started/tutorials/publish-api/ and not get what this mean (Select the “Test API” API in the access control section and click “Add”) where there access control section to test api? because I’m not seen in dashboard yet, thx

Hi Guangrei

When we say “Test API”, we mean the API you have already setup in Tyk.
The portal requires an API for you to publish and a policy for that API.

Have you created an API and a policy using previous tutorials?
If so it should appear on this page and you can select it and publish it.

If you haven’t setup an API and policy, you can’t use the portal

  1. Start here //tyk.io/docs/getting-started/create-api/ and setup your first API.

  2. Next, make sure you have a policy setup (read: what is a policy :https://tyk.io/tyk-documentation/concepts/what-is-a-security-policy/)
    You can see the dashboard guide here:

  3. With the API and Policy in place, then you can publish to the portal.

I hope that helps!

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thanks you for help, i just realized my first api i created is use open(keyless) authentication mode so its not require policies or even published on catalogue portal…

i guess


You are correct, open APIs can’t be published to the portal.