What to do after building tyk-pump

Hi I need to build Tyk-pump from source and I execute the following steps, but after that, I can’t find the binary produced by go build. Can anyone help me with this?

  1. Download dependent packages:
go get -t -d -v ./...
  1. Compile:
go build -v ./...

What to do after step 2 ?

Hi @javiertc, there should be a tyk-pump executable. If not then could you share the output of the go build.

It may also be worth knowing the branch or tag you are targeting along with your go version. We recommend using the tagged versions instead of master branch.

Hi @Olu, when I use go build it produces the binary, but if I use the command recommended in the doc go build ./... it doesn’t create the binary.

Regarding using a tagged version which one do you recommend? v1.5.0?

v1.5.0 works fine. We tested with go version 1.15.

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